1900’s: The Victorian Era

Fashion in the 1900s was very extravagant. The shape of the dress closely resembled the letter S. A reconstruction of clothing came from Madame Gaches-Sarrute who studied medicine. She believed that the corsets of the 19th century were causing the body ill side effects. From this belief emerged the new “S-shaped” dresses which removed pressure from the waist and diaphragm pushing the bust forward and the hips backward. Blouses also had a successful turn out during this era available with unlimited amounts of styles with frills, puffed over the waist. A few years later, women abandoned the concept of frilled blouses and moved onto tailored suits, blouses and skirts.

In the beginning of the 20th century there were only about 8,000 cars around the United States. The first car produced in masses for the United States was the three-horsepower, curved-dash Oldsmobile. At first, cars were only for the fortunate. Its popularity began to pick up amongst the common people because these automobiles had allowed them to travel freely to any destination. Soon enough the automobile had become more affordable and abundant in Europe and the United States, making it more accessible for the middle class.

Interior designs during this time were very heavy, luxurious and carried a jewel-toned design. Interior decorating styles consisted of craftsmen, colonial, and tudor. A tudor styled home consisted of features like paneled walls, heavy millwork, fat sculpted legs on the tables, large rugs, and heavy fireplace mantels. Craftsman homes carried a horizontal design throughout the room, long and low fireplaces, and simple solid colors. Lastly, Colonial homes carried a lot of velvets, linens, and tapestries. Floors were often masked in carpets with a lot of wooden furniture.

Florence Nightengale was the world’s famous nurse. She set the foundation for nursing and created the first nursing school. Prince Albert was born into a royal monarch and soon became  Prince himself and married to his first cousin Queen Victoria. Queen Elizabeth was a well admired Queen and she even had an era named after her reigning “Elizabethan Era”. Lastly, Robert Peel was a leader. He served as the prime minister of the United Kingdom twice and leader of the Conservative Party.




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