My Visual Views

According to encyclopedia, visual merchandising is “the presentation of a store and its merchandise in such a manner that will attract the attention of potential customers. It involves decorating the store keeping the interior presentation the same as what is promised on the outside.” Although this definition highlights the importance of visual merchandising and its purpose, to me it personally takes on a new route. When I completed my very first visual window I had no attachment to the theme because it was so controversial and dense making it hard for me to find an attachment to it. Overall, it was my very first window and I didn’t really know how to feel about it. All I knew was that I had to execute the idea and sell the image of the election through wit. Overall, the window ended up being pretty successful. As I finished my first window and started my second, I realized that there was nothing more that I liked than the finished product. It feels good knowing that all the time and effort put into every line you cut, every paper you paste, and every stroke of paint all ties in together and creates such a beautiful three-second story for the viewers. Nothing more is rewarding than a visual final product.


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