1920s: The Roaring 20’s

Fashion in the 1920s was much more comfortable and flowy than the fashion from the past era. A small topped chemise worn with a hat was a daily outfit. Often times women would end up cutting their hair into a bob so that the hats fit properly. Dresses also took a turn into lighter colors due to the little availability of materials and the material of the fabric. Fashion designers dedicated time to playing and testing out new fabrics and textures to create clothing out of. It became extremely common for extravagant gowns, jacket’s and coats to be trimmed with fur. Silk, rayon, and diamonds highly reflected wealth during the 1920s.

Colonial styled homes were the most popular for those who were able to afford them. Many colonial styled homes consisted of two stories and regular shaped windows. The common person of the 1920s lived in a suburban area in the countryside in fairly small houses. Despite the size of the house, people still wanted to modernize and their home furnishings. Homes included bold color schemes like silver, black and chrome, glossed plain walls, and a portrait or statue rather than a cluster of objects. The 20s showed how simplicity was key in homes.

Cars allowed for people to get to places at a much faster speed than horses and walking did. Many early cars were convertibles with heating, shock absorbance, and a one or four-wheel drive in order to improve the comfort of the driver and passengers. Companies began producing electric and hybrid 4 wheeled powered cars as well. Expensive cars were often manufactured for the wealthy as a prized possession.

Gloria Swanson was a very famous actress in silent films. She was also one of the first fashion icons of the era and one of the most photographed women. Coco Chanel was the founder of Chanel and the only fashion designer to appear on Time’s magazine. She’s highly credited for freeing females from rigid corsets and petticoats and introducing sportswear and chic casual clothing. Charlie Chaplin was a well-known cinema figure. He founded the first film distribution company and was in charge of the release of many famous films. Lastly, Josephine Baker described as “the most famous woman in the world” due to her dancing, acting and singing.


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