The 1930s

In the 1930s, the fashion shifted from a “boyish” style to a much more modest style. Zippers had become the new “it” thing due to how inexpensive they were compared to buttons. Less expensive fabrics were described as rough and peasant, but cotton did become more widely manufactured and worn. Along with these affordable fabrics and zippers, fur and floral print were heavily incorporated into fashion as well.

House interiors were influenced by modernism, art deco and historian styles like Georgian and Tudor. Although the Great Depression that had been weighing, people still kept their houses up to par with the latest house trends that included dominant colors like jade, seafoam green, gold, grassy tans, pale silvered almond and walnut.Cement had been replacing bricks allowing for more light to shine in through bigger windows, giving the room a bigger look.

Cars began to take on a more luxurious appeal. They now included a radio, heater, smoother engine and a smoother physical shape. The comfort in which one drove also took a great turn. Due to the change of shape in the car, the cars were able to run at a quicker speed because changes were modified. The 1930s offered a wide range of beautiful and sophisticated cars for their buyers.

All the celebrities shown above were actors. Will Rogers was a stage and motion picture actor, traveler and newspaper writer known as “Oklahoma’s Favorite son.” He had appeared in 71 movies, traveled the world 3 times, and had written over 4,000 articles. Shirley Temple was an American actress, singer and dancer and Hollywood’s number box office star in the 1930’s. Lastly, Marie Dressler was an actress, comedian and depression era film star. Her success came from films and comical operas.


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