The 1940s

Fashion in 1940’s had a wider option of clothing choices. Women were now wearing suits and dressed more casually and comfortably. The 1940s fashion modeled a small waist, full hips and padded shoulders which gave off the hour glass figure. During this era, there was also a wider range of material and women chose vibrant colors and patterns to prevent them from thinking about the war.

Interior designs in the homes during the 1940s were traditional, patriotic and bright. They mimicked the color schemes of blues and reds which made it patriotic. Houses were very traditional in the sense that a lot of dark wood furniture was present. Lastly, homes took on a Hollywood glamor look. During this time, films were very impactful and people wanted to emphasize this in their homes, which is why rooms look very nicely put together.

Due to the war, the manufacturing of cars had stopped in 1942 in order to conserve metals for the war but resumed in 1946. Cars that were manufactured afterward were much more comfortable and physically appealing with a wider range of colors for customers.

Marilyn Monroe has to be one of the most known celebrities during this decade, She;s well known for acting and modeling and one of the most powerful sex symbols of her time. Ava Gardner was also an actress, but she was also a singer. She was signed to MGM studios and her stellar voice was mostly acknowledged and recognized after “The Killer” performance. Lastly, Ingrid Bergman was another actress who starred in many American films.


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