Fashion in the 1970s was very flamboyant. There were a lot of bright colors present and the material of polyester was very present as well. Women were turning their cheek against the lose clothing and came back with flared pants and tight clothing paired with platform heels. Among the flared pants and the boot cut ones as well, the tunics, culottes, and robes were also very popular.




Interior design in the 1970s there were great architectural and furniture designs introduced. Interior design took a sleek, minimalist modernism approach. Rooms mimicked earth tones, campus colors and high looks of futurism. Houses also contained a lot of open floor plan, making the room appear bigger and allowing for the rooms to have much more space. Rooms were often carpeted, wood paneled and very innovative.




Cars in the 1970s came across various challenges. Federal regulations affected the new style and power of the cars. Although some companies like Lamborghini and Countach were making new designs, they were often dangerous and unreliable. Muscle cars during this decade were very powerful, but its popularity began to decrease as it became hard to keep the power and to get rid of the smog.

Jimmie Walker is an american actor and comedian. He was first very present on the radio station of the Riverside Church and he soon began his career as a comedian through stand up comedy. Farrah Fawcett was an American wrist and actress. She blew up when she worked that red bathing suit she modeled for a poster. She began her career through commercials and as a guest role on shows. Soon she began to appear on television series and then on big movie screens.



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