Fashion in the 1980s had a lot of browns, and tans and oranges. There were a lot of blocky shapes within the style and in the way that crop tops were cut out for women. There were also bright colored accessories like sunglasses bangles and big oversized hoop earrings. Women often teased their hair giving them hippie vibe along with the bright colored makeup and neon pops of color. The style in the 1980s was much more alive and seen amongst the younger crowd.




Interior design in the 80s included a lot of pastel colored schemes and a lot of whites as well. Like in the 1970s, rooms were spacious, but simple and contributed to the soft tone within the rooms. Chintz was a very popular aspect of interior design. It was used as prints which were very popular for quilts, bed covers and draperies and are still very much alive today.

Cars in the 1980s were’t as great yet. Companies were still trying to figure out how exactly to make emissions much more powerful and the cars above were much more affordable for the daily consumer.




Run DMC was a very popular hip hop group. They were one of the widely known and acknowledged as one of the most influential groups in the history of hip hop along with L.L. Cool J whom is also placed above. Together, these celebrities paved the path for other hip hop artists today and brought about greta entertainment to various crowds.




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