Fashion in the 1990s was very much inspired by hop hop artists and groups like Destiny’s child as seen on the bottom right. Fashion was less conservative in which a lot of stomach and leg exposure became a normalcy. High waisted jeans made their biggest appearance and were very versatile in the way in which it was worn. There was also a big demand in authenticity as seen through the baggy clothing.

Many interior designs followed a much more rich and color oriented pallet which allowed for interior design to shift from minimalism. This color pallet often consisted or beige and whites. Many of the interior design was inspired around comfort which is usually why rooms seem to have more space to manuever around.

The 1990s saw a lot of advancements technologically for cars in the way they were constructed. One of those major advancements included the addition of ABS and airbags being fitted as standards. Holden improved the safety of their commodore releasing the all new improved VT Commodore in 1997 becoming the first Australian built car with a stronger body. It was both safe and the bestselling automobile and still continues to be. There was also the inclusion of on board computers giving off air conditioning, automatic windows and sunroof were being fitted in both luxury and small cars.

Michael Jordan was drafted in 1984, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that he won some of the biggest titles making him the most popular athlete. He strongly attracted the large crowds with his athleticism and his talent on the court. Musically, you had Tupac Shakur a very influential hip hop artist and an advocate for the black community. He strongly illustrated his feelings throughout his very popular songs “Dear momma” and much more. Lastly, theres Jim Carey who was a very comedic actor. His first appearance was made in In Living Color, the Wayan Bros TV show where he wowed the crowd with his talents as an actor.





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