Keith Harding:




Keith Haring’s work had a to of cartoony images and fresh vivid colors. His art involved a lot of clean lines and simple images and gave new meaning to figures. Through his images, he portrayed a lot of imagery¬†and included his activist oriented opinions within his art. h was an activist for AIDS, drug addictions, illicit love and apartheid.


Salvador Dali: Surrealism




Salvador Dali was a Spanish painter who followed the art style fo surrealism. His paintings included a lot of eye-catching bizarre points. Dali is described as a very imaginative artist and that is very obvious in his paintings. Surrealism began in the 1920s. It includes the element of surprise and was created to settle the controversy between reality and a dream. Artists like Dali painted strange creatures from everyday objects allowing brains to interpret it how they’d like to.

Jackson Pollack: Expressionism


Image property of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY.Jackson Pollack was a famous professional American painter and a big figure in the art style of expressionism. Expressionism involved the artist’s emotional experience rather than his painting focusing on the outside world like nature. Expressionism evokes moods, ideas, and feelings in a radical way as seen in Pollacks last art painting. Although it looks like a whole bunch of crazy lines, it does evoke a lot of emotion which makes it very expressive.

Pablo Picasso: Cubanism

Pablo Picasso used Cubanism as his way of art. Cubanism was developed between 1908 and 1912 by Georges Braques. Braques¬†used this as a way to showcase how he viewed objects, and so he painted them in an abstract way. Picasso built off this idea but didn’t necessarily portray natural objects. Instead he’d draw things like people in a geometric and abstract style that served as a good figurative example.