Window Display of the Week (2/20/17)-(2/27/17)

The simplicity of this window is what really caught my eye. Everything is fine nestly and placed in perfectly which also makes it look so simplistic. The detail of this window is found in the patterns and choice of color within the cut outs. My favorite part is the placement of the soda bottle right next to the heels which draws the eye right to the heels, which is the sale point of this window display. Lastly, I liked the scale of the hangings. The small sizing of the soda bottles placed in front of the enlarged “pop” sign looks very well. 


Window Display of the Week (2/13/17)-(2/19/17)

This Tiffany and Co. video was very well constructed. The perspective in which it looks like it’s in is executed very well. It looks as if one is looking down from above which gives it a very rich perspective. I also love how realistic everything looks and the manner in which it was placed. My favorite part of the windo is the scaling and the point view which is the tree. The scaling of the items was done perfectly, which gives it that very rich view. 

Window Display of the Week (2/30/17-2/3/17)


Tiffany & Co.


This is my favorite window of the week because I honestly feel like I’m just very into the Tiffany and Co. windows. The simplicity screams personality and the placement of such simple items really attracts my eye as a consumer. What I like about this window is the placement of the hand and its sizing, the placement of the pearls, the gigantism, and the lighting. I also like the pop of color the lighting gives the pearls. The hand catches my eye because it reminds me of my Pharell window and how its used to sell the item. The pearls aren’t nicely wrapped around the hand which gives the window personality. Overall, I love the window.

Window of the Week (1/9/17-1/16/17)

“Tribute to the Great” A Tiffany Window

My favorite Gene Moore window at Barneys was the 1900’s themed window display. This was my favorite window for various reasons. To begin with, the theme over all is easy to catch and when walking past a window display the average time to look at a window is 3-5 seconds which is why I think Gene did a grey job at completing just that. Secondly, this was my favorite window because of his use on perspective. Gene Moore was able to captivate the eye of the window shopper with the bubbles presented to the front of the window display. He then placed the piece of jewelry in a place where it makes it look like it’s very much centered towards the back and as a vase for the blue feathers he seemed to use as the color that pops out in his flowing color scheme of white.

Window of the Week (1/2/17)-(1/6/17)


Tiffany’s Christmas Window

This window display really attracts the eye of anyone walking by in 3 seconds. The scaling, color scheme, and the simplicity really attract interest. Tiffany’s windows are known for their simplistic windows, yet they really sell their jewelry with the small window given. The color scheme chosen for this window is a consistent cool blue, but there’s a perfect yellow lighting that attracts the eye to the jewelry that the deer is looking down on. The scaling of the deer in the woods couldn’t have been any more perfect and lastly, the simplicity makes the window easier to comprehend when you get that 3-second time frame to tell the story and sell the item.


My Visual Views

According to encyclopedia, visual merchandising is “the presentation of a store and its merchandise in such a manner that will attract the attention of potential customers. It involves decorating the store keeping the interior presentation the same as what is promised on the outside.” Although this definition highlights the importance of visual merchandising and its purpose, to me it personally takes on a new route. When I completed my very first visual window I had no attachment to the theme because it was so controversial and dense making it hard for me to find an attachment to it. Overall, it was my very first window and I didn’t really know how to feel about it. All I knew was that I had to execute the idea and sell the image of the election through wit. Overall, the window ended up being pretty successful. As I finished my first window and started my second, I realized that there was nothing more that I liked than the finished product. It feels good knowing that all the time and effort put into every line you cut, every paper you paste, and every stroke of paint all ties in together and creates such a beautiful three-second story for the viewers. Nothing more is rewarding than a visual final product.