Window Display of the Week (2/13/17)-(2/19/17)

This Tiffany and Co. video was very well constructed. The perspective in which it looks like it’s in is executed very well. It looks as if one is looking down from above which gives it a very rich perspective. I also love how realistic everything looks and the manner in which it was placed. My favorite part of the windo is the scaling and the point view which is the tree. The scaling of the items was done perfectly, which gives it that very rich view. 


Salvador Dali: Surrealism




Salvador Dali was a Spanish painter who followed the art style fo surrealism. His paintings included a lot of eye-catching bizarre points. Dali is described as a very imaginative artist and that is very obvious in his paintings. Surrealism began in the 1920s. It includes the element of surprise and was created to settle the controversy between reality and a dream. Artists like Dali painted strange creatures from everyday objects allowing brains to interpret it how they’d like to.


Fashion in the 1960s brought about a lot fo diverse trends such as gogo boots and culottes. Culottes were knee length trousers and gogo boots had a low heel that went up mid calf. Fabric like polyester, nylon, acrylic, vinyl and PVCRayon had been replaced with nylon, a fabric that was seen as stylish and versatile. The colors were bright and vivid with many patterns consisting of swirls and tie dyes.

Interior design in the 1960s consisted of a color scheme with dark greens, yellows, pinks, and orange. They were vividly present in wallpaper, carpets, curtains, sofas, chair seats and cushions also containing patterns or bright flowers.

Cars still physically appeared similar to decades before. The Ford Mustang was dominating the decade as engineering for the car slowed down and manufacturers focused more on the  appearance of the car. Electric cars were still being modified and Ford had shown their first sodium-sulfur battery charged car which was 15 pounds lighter than the previous one allowing the car to move swiftly.

Doris Day was an American actress and singer. Her career kicked off as a big band singer, but soon her popularity began to decrease after her song “Sentimental Journey”. She has appeared in numerous known American films as well. Elizabeth Taylor was a British-American actress who became one of the most famous Hollywood stars of the 1960s.

Window Display of the Week (2/5/17)-(2/12/17)

My favorite window of the week is this holiday window. Despite the fact that I love holiday windows especially in New York, that’s not why I chose this to be my window of the week all the way in February. I think the construction of the window is very interesting. They managed to make a background, flooring, dress, and the decoration within the window out of cups, gift bags, cans and a type of foil. The foil makes the dress on the mannequin pop out and the use of the cups makes this window so conventional, which is my favorite part.